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Steel construction made to measure
Konstrukcje stalowe

About Us

Konstrukcje stalowe

KOTŁOINWEST limited liability company was established in the January 2002 based on the Boiler-Installation Plant which was acting from 1985, taking over its experience and products developed through 17 years. On February 20th 2002, the company was entered into the Register of Companies in the District Court in Bydgoszcz, XIII Economic Department of the National Court Register, KRS no 0000093587.

KOTŁOINWEST is a private company with its main registered office in Swiecie, Przemyslowa 4 street. The company’s activity covers the entire Poland, executing wide range of the services and products according to the Customers requirements from different branches.
Our future plans are not limited exclusively to maintain current range of the executed services and the territory of the company’s activity, but they are focused on the constant widening of the types of the services offered, with the simultaneous maintenance of the highest quality of the executed orders.
We posses entitlements which allow to execute the orders according to the guidelines of the Technical Inspection Office, namely:

As a result of continuous improvement of our services as well as meeting the requirements of the existing and future Clients, KOTŁOINWEST sp. z o.o. company decided to implement and apply the Quality Management System based on the standard EN ISO 9001:2009 and quality system in the welding industry complied with the standard PN-EN ISO 3834-3:2007.

Main fields of the company activity

  • Steel construction manufacture
  • Maintenance and modernization of the production equipment in the paper industry
  • Assembly and dismantling enginery and plants
  • Maintenance and modernization of the steam boilers of all types and sizes regarding pressure part, as well as of the auxiliary devices
  • Execution of the spare parts of the boiler equipment regarding boiler pressure part and devices mating with the boiler
  • Diagnostic tests of the steam and water boilers including boiler drum of all types together with repair technology development and boiler repair
  • Maintenance and modernization of all power and technological equipment
  • Maintenance and modernization of the mechanical and production equipment
  • Execution and maintenance of the exchangers of all types as well as the coolers
  • Execution of the heating installations using the methodology of the pre-insulated and traditional pipes
  • Civil works, investments and maintenance in the following branches: civil, ventilation, air conditioning, water-sewage, central heating installations, thermal centers.
  • Delivery and assembly of the gas and oil boilers of different suppliers
  • Maintenance and execution, including delivery, of the industrial, water and steam fittings of different types and sizes
  • Maintenance of the distilleries: distillery steamer, fermentation tanks, yeast machines, mash machines, bucket conveyors.

To all works, we enclose complete documentation according to the investor requirements and needs as well as according to the requirements of the Technical Inspection Office.

Our activities are customer oriented, so as expectations regarding product quality, on-time deliveries and price are met.

Decision No UC-03-166-N/3-04 (400 kB)
Decision No UC-03-166-N/2-04 (414 kB)
Decision No UC-03-166-N/4-04 (443 kB)
(620 kB)
(547 kB)
(621 kB)
(661 kB)

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