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Tanks and process systems

Our core services include prefabrication and installation of tanks and non-pressure and pressure systems for various types of media (neutral, caustic, liquid, dry bulk). We have long experience of manufacture using carbon, acid resistant and abrasion resistant steel.

Steel structures

We have qualified welding personnel, experience and qualifications required for fabrication and installation of all types of steel structures, equipment and machines.

We manufacture support structures for process equipment and systems, industrial rooms, service and OSH platforms.

Anticorrosion protection

We operate an anticorrosion protection division with state-of-the-art equipment and qualified staff allowing us to successfully perform steel structure abrasive blasting and anticorrosive treatment by application of hydrodynamic coating.

Industrial equipment

We do various works related to installation of industrial machines and equipment, i.e. heat exchangers, conveyors of push-plate, bucket, belt and screw type and yet, gravel or multi-disc filters etc. We specialise in prefabrication and installation of offshore equipment and hoisting components.

Hire of qualified staff

To meet your expectations and make our knowledge and experience work to your advantage, we provide hire of qualified welding and assembly staff along with the relevant equipment. Our welders hold qualifications issued by: UDT, UDT CERT, TUV NORD, TUV SUD, TUV RHEINLAND, IS GLIWICE, SIMP and are proficient in the following welding methods: 111, 121UP, 141 (141, 142,143,145), 131, 135,138.

Industrial equipment repairs

We provide industrial equipment repair and maintenance services (valves, pumps, gears).

Our services include:

  • diagnostics
  • removals of defacts and failures
  • routine repairs
  • inspections
  • maintenance

We have many year's experience of provision of repair and upgrade services to customers from papermaking, petrochemical and power sectors.


We have a machine park that allows us to perform basic machining. We offer services in the following areas:

  • Turning to diameter 700 mm and a length of 2700 mm
  • Chiselling up to a height of 300 mm, in holes with a minimum diameter of 30 mm
  • Milling - Table length 1000 mm, width 280 mm
  • Boring - table dimension X, Y, Z = 1000 mm